Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Benefits of Hiring Consulting Experts: Ateeya Manzoor

Consulting Experts: How to Pick the Right Ones
Call it the flip side of the downsizing or maybe your company's secret competitive weapon. Whatever you call it, finding effective consultants has become a critical task in every professional organization today.
This is because only professional companies - whether big or small, emerging or established - will be players in tomorrow's marketplace, and hiring a consultant like Ateeya Manzoor can provide the means for obtaining expert knowledge when your organization needs it most.

When an organization begins looking for a consultant, it's often because they realize that their employees require the additional expertise. Often this consideration is a great way to start thinking about a consultant. Naturally, most people have questions about how to find the right person, and how to utilize the expertise of this person to receive the fullest value.

Ateeya Manzoor partner at Mayfair and management strategist says in many organizations, a consultant may function as an advisor, a fixer, or a specialist for a specific task or a unit in an organization that requires fine tuning, and the actual work that consultants perform from one company to another may vary greatly.

Following are some parameters to which a management consultant are hired
Hire a consultant to solve problems.
For the business:
If something needs tweaking in your company, allow your well-qualified consultant to do their job. You may think your problem in staff retention is on the manufacturing floor, when it may lie in faulty HR practices. Offer your consultants your thoughts, but be open to their observations. Their overview and fresh perspective may give your company new clarity.
For the consultant:
Tap into your intuitive side. Examine each situation as it stands. Textbook rules are not always the only way to approach a challenge.

Hire a consultant to supplement existing staff.
For the business:
Do a comparison of total employment cost. A full time employee, with benefits and other perks added will almost certainly cost more than a consultant. In addition, a consultant may complete work faster and more efficiently than house staff.
For the consultant:
When creating your proposal, be realistic in your time estimates and fees. Factor in your own overhead, travel, benefits and taxes.

Hire a consultant to implement changes.
For the business:
The well-positioned consultant as outsider can be more effective in gaining consensus among employees. Without immersion in daily operations, change proposed by consultants may be accepted more readily by employees.
To the consultants:
To direct change in a company, be certain you understand the psychology of change. Change can only be effectively created through a perception of benefits to the staff. Prepare for resistance, and be ready to change objections to positives.
Ateeya Manzoor is a management strategist and partner at Mayfair. As a professional with over fifteen years of experience, Ateeya Manzoor has worked with a large range of clients in various industries and sizes, ranging from large publicly traded financial institutions and technology firms, large resorts and entertainment venues, to midsized oil and gas companies, midsized medical and quasi medical coaching practices, to small non-profits requiring a fresh perspective.
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